Welcome to BCAST.com the “Invite Media” platform

Welcome to BCAST, a social video platform with an emphasis on what we call “invite video”. What does that mean? With BCAST, using a text you can quickly initiate a request to friends, family or colleagues, -we call it a BOUNCE- inviting them to create a video with you providing the subject. The text directs them to click a link, which instantly enables their device to easily create a video that is returned or “bounced back” to the requester and stored in their account. The video creator controls the process and can use multiple takes to get the video just right before returning.
If the video is engaging enough, with one click text approval by the creator, the video can be added to the BCAST social video Wall and shared with other social media sites such as Facebook, TikTok, youtube or Instagram. There is also an option to upload videos directly to BCAST wall without using Bounce.
If you are not into texting there is an email Bounce option also on the bcast website and best of all and there is no cost to use Bcast, Give it a try here and/or look for our iOS and android app coming out shortly in the app stores. We think You are going to love it.