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Next generation social broadcasting platform that enables users to view or generate live streaming video in 360, VR or AR. 

Our goal is to leverage the coming convergence of 5G broadband and block-chain distributed "edge" computing/CDN to become a destination content portal for virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video delivered to  VR devices, mobile devices, the web and smart TV’s. 

Imagine a next gen 360 camera in a MLB dugout, court-side from a NBA game or sideline in NFL all viewable from a VR headset as if you were right there in the midst of the action.  

Changing the way people see the world in 2019


Migrating to a distributed back end infrastructure and  digital currency content compensation model,  BCAST is evolving the live delivery of  virtual reality, augmented reality and  360 video all the while distributing to/integrating fully with  social media.


The BCAST Public Safety Network and the "Connected Community" Initiative


With our two new products -SafeStream and SafeShield debuting in early 2018 we are using new live streaming technologies (VR, AR, 360) for personal security and assisting law enforcement & first responders in emergencies as never before.

We're on a mission

BCAST Labs essentially operates as a "skunk-works" for innovative live streaming and mobile broadcast product development. We have two divisions: Consumer-focused on creative programming, sports, & breaking  live news and Public Safety. 

Leveraging our robust live streaming platform and using a hub-and-spoke model means BCAST can  iterate faster than its peers, cutting through internal politics to quickly arrive at product breakthroughs in virtual reality, augmented reality and block-chain based live streaming.

Interestingly, this is where blockchain will indeed prove resourceful: by utilizing a smart contract in our  blockchain network, an advertiser could set out pay-out to viewers, curators, the platform, and the content creator programmatically. The technical advantage of blockchain is that advertisers could create contracts that execute on a cross-platform basis without the hassle of complex money flows. Instead, since the value of the contract will be directly woven into the many players of this attention economy, creating, distributing, and executing such contract will be simple.

 We are founded on the principal of using new ideas, methodologies and emerging technologies such as 360/Virtual Reality and artificial intelligence to bring live streaming video to every day life in valuable ways historically unavailable.  In this way, with a clarity of purpose,  we seek to use our technology platform to genuinely enhance peoples lives in the areas of social media, arts, news, public safety and emergency response. ​ 

The BCAST Public Safety Network

To date, social media in the area of public emergency response has been filled with one sided “out-to public” informational efforts.  

At BCAST Labs we intend to use our robust industrial grade and versatile live streaming platform  to bring balance by providing the capability for citizens and/or emergency responders to provide truly valuable, actionable and behavior changing information in the form of live videos delivered to impacted individuals and when necessary state, local and federal authorities. 



“Safe-Stream” is a free to the public personal safety mobile broadcasting application of the BCAST Public Safety Network (a division of BCAST.com) arriving in early 2018.  The purpose of Safe-Stream (nicknamed 'Guardian Angel" is to provide a layer of visibility and enhance public safety to the BCAST member and/or provide the general public valuable live video in emergency situations. 

A user would engage Safe-Stream in emergency situations when live videos could be of value to public safety officials or when they believe that a disclosed “I am LIVE-STREAMING” video would modify behavior in potentially risky scenarios with all involved knowing that officials are watching and a record is being made. 

More Information here at the SafeStream website or feel free to download the SafeStream document below. 



Designed for municipalities that lack the resources for traditional law enforcement body cameras,  Safe-Shield is a law enforcement/first responder mobile broadcasting service which instantly initiates a live stream from an officers mobile device with notifications providing access to these live videos sent to  command centers or other en route support as needed. 

More Information here at the SafeShield website or feel free to download the SafeShield document  below. 

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